uk-flaggif   COVID CORONA Facts + demands    released on 17.11.2020 for Switzerland      Updated on 23.2.2021

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  • Our freedom/liberty is in extrem danger

  • corona pandemic, epidemic etc. the lie of the century made by politicans and some of the richest people of the world

  • Children, pensioners and ill people need to suffer most unnecessarily

  • Human rights are being trampled by feet around the world

  • corona is the preparing of the great reset (will be seen at the next WEF/World economic forum 2021)
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  • pcr quick test does not detect any virus, 90% wrong results for negativ or positiv (WHO confirmed in january 2021 that this test are useless)

  • Apparently the John Hopkins University just told, its possible to use the PCR tests as VACCINATIONS for unwilling people!

  • The untested vaccinations contain mRNA - these are genetically manipulated substances. These are forbidden in SWITZERLAND!
  • pcr tests can lead to DNA fumes and be used + stored by intelligence services

  • Hospitals are empty, doctors are forced to represent false facts, violate doctor's secrets or lose their authority to practice (to get false numbers, bed on stations are artificially reduced)

  • Of all flu VACCINES developed worldwide for the past 40 years, only 3 products achieved a small efficiency of 50%. All others are ineffective or even harmful

  • A vaccination needs 10-20 years to get proofed as more or less harmless


  • The mask has the function of a muzzle and does not protect against viruses but only against bacterias

  • covid viruses are 0.8 μm small, but the mask pores are 80-500 μm big         μm = 10-6 (micrometers)

  • Global risk of death increases in children, the elderly and lung-sick/cardiovascular patients due to mask compulsion

  • It is known that masks are harmful and bacterial slingshots

  • After only 1/2 hour back breath in the mask, it increases massively the value of CO₂ (poison) in the blood (it is measurable). Too much of it leads to death, as we know

  • Neurologists warning against the masks. They lead to dizziness, headache, brain problems and followed by a premature dementia or even the death

covid viruses, deaths, number of died humans to compare

  • The extracted covid is usually only fatal in connection with pre existing conditions/diseases

  • Hospitals are empty. Medias do not show patients with only covid infections - No pathology reports are shown and proofen

  • Every year people must die cause of various flu - viruses

  • Every year, many people die from breast cancer, insect bites, sudden infant deaths and accidents (much more than from the extractet covid virus)

  •  Dead humans have been referred as corona victims for months, no matter what they died realy from


  • Children are forced to wear masks, use skin damaging disinfectants and march in columns in one way lanes like prisoners

  • Every day children are massively bullied and manipulated by teaching staff

  • Teachers, house staff, and more at the school perform themselves as policemen or guards and provoke hate

  • Schools (principals) massively violate children's and human rights


  • The media are censored and report only unilaterally in favour of the government (worst than in cold war times)

  • Only system loyal virologists and scientists will be allowed to indulge - All others are considered conspiracy theorists

  • Videos and other publications that report critically about corona-covid are deleted worldwide

  • The government dictates what can be published

  • Journalists bow to lies, asking no longer for truth and have become implausible

Economy, People

  • The economy posts red numbers and unemployment figures increase daily

  • Civil disputes are on the rise - many call themselves police officers and control guards

  • People get out of each other's way cause of fear. Everyone suspects everyone to be sick

  • World elites such as Gates, Monsanto, Rothschild, Quant, Rockefeller & Co. want to create a new world order with much less human and a world dictatorship (WEF 2021)

  • A scenario like the World War 2 and civil wars threaten (extermination of people)

  • The insurance industry is booming and building on the fear and ignorance of manipulated people

  • Every day the self proclaimed gods (judges and co.) pour themselves into new articles of law

Urgend demands

  • Repeal of the immunity of councils and police officers
  • No to censorship in the media by the government and the media itself
  • No to masks and other coercions, such as fee threats, exclusion, etc.
  • No to forced VACCINATIONS
  • No to 5G, tracking, worldwide camera monitoring and madness of control
  • No to microchips as they are already implanted at humans in Sweden (EU)
  • No financial support for large companies
  • But HELP to self employed and smallest companies
  • Liberty to demonstrations even without authorisation
  • The numbers and figures are misinterpreted world wide in any current statistic
  • Yes to the removal of large parts of the Councils/governements in most states world wide. Without severance pay!

    In SWITZERLAND a petition for extraordinary elections has just started